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TEL users are passionate individuals and organizations that take innovative approaches to improve the wellbeing and livelihoods of communities at the bottom of the pyramid. Whether your work is not-for-profit, in the public sector or through private enterprise, we can help accelerate your development project by leveraging appropriate technology solutions.

Through our needs-based project consulting, we work with individuals and organizations at all stages of project development to help you:

  • Identify needs and opportunities
  • Discover potential solutions
  • Develop sustainable implementation models
  • Procure, test and implement solutions
  • Monitor, evaluate, iterate and promote success

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  • Guided Solution Search

    Guided Solution Search

  • Fundraising Resources

    Fundraising Resources

  • Solution Sourcing and Demo Testing

    Solution Sourcing and Demo Testing

  • Promotion and Publicity

    Promotion and Publicity

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Project Accelerator Case Studies

Light Up Karnataka

Updated 12 September 2016

The Project

Light Up Karnataka is a joint initiative between TEL and Brothers Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) to power rural homes with point-of-use solar lighting solutions. By training local female sales agents and outfitting remote retail shops with inventories of solar lights through a microconsignment model, the program creates employment opportunities for local entrepreneurs, while also providing a safe, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to kerosene lamps and candles for thousands of families.

TEL's Role

Upon engaging the organization through a detailed needs assessment, TEL initially identified and procured demo solar lighting solutions from five different providers for field testing and product focus groups. TEL also led fundraising efforts to purchase inventory and fund the entrepreneurship training program. TEL and BIRDS work ...

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Tippy Taps Sierra Leone

Posted by TEL Team 2 September 2015

The project

COMIN-SL is a small nonprofit organization currently working to improve water and sanitation conditions within communities ravaged by the Ebola crisis. With little expertise in water and sanitation solutions, COMIN-SL is further challenged by a lack of financial resources, and logistical obstacles that prevent them from importing pre-manufactured water and sanitation solutions into Sierra Leone.

TEL’s Role

After working with COMIN-SL to identify the major issues faced by community members in relation to their water and sanitation needs, TEL introduced COMIN-SL to a variety of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ solutions that can be locally manufactured to provide clean drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities. Once COMIN-SL selected the solutions that best respond to their stakeholders’ needs and desires, TEL provided the organizations with detailed design specifications for the ...

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Jaya Organic Yojana

Posted by TEL Team 11 March 2015

The Project

Jaya Organic Yojana (JOY) is a grassroots movement in Karnataka, India, that leverages the collective power and network of Indian nonprofit organizations to restore soil fertility and provide business opportunities for thousands of impoverished villagers and farmers, by switching to organic farming and composting. At the core of JOY's activity is a training program that teaches thousands of villagers how to create nutrient-rich fertilizer through vermiculture, a process of composting that uses live earthworms, manure and green waste. Villagers can secure a livelihood by selling the fertilizer to farmers, who in turn benefit from organic farming practices.

TEL's Role

After conducting a field visit in Karnataka in late 2013, TEL began working with JOY to both raise the public profile of the movement through the creation and promotion of original content, and to secure partnerships ...

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  • Thank you very much for the effort you have put in to see us achieve our goals; TEL is already creating an impact in our society.

    - Ronald Kirabo, Founder, Think Youth Development Initiative - Uganda

  • TEL has been a valuable strategic partner for the Archimedes Project. The solutions database has been an asset for our business creation process, but even more valuable than a catalog of technologies is the team, whose members are knowledgeable and passionate about disseminating this critical information. Collaborating with the TEL team has made my job of finding solutions for the clean water and sanitation crisis that much easier.

    - Faith Wallace-Gadsden, PhD., Founder, Archimedes Project