New technologies are emerging every day to solve stubborn development challenges, but with so many global development products on the market, how do you choose the ones that are right for your particular context?

Co-authored by TEL and MIT’s Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE) the Practitioner's Guide offers a user-friendly, step-by-step framework for conducting comparative product evaluations.

Just because a given technology works in one place does not mean it will be effective or readily adopted in another. When addressing issues related to basic human needs - like water, food, shelter, healthcare or energy - it is critical to choose the solutions that are most likely to succeed in a given place. This guide helps determine which product criteria are most important to evaluate, such as:

  • Affordability
  • Technical performance
  • Availability & Accessibility
  • Ease of use
  • Sustainability
  • Demand potential
  • And more!

To learn more, download a PDF copy of the Practitioner's Guide here