Many households in the Busoga sub-region of Uganda lack regular access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities. Low-income households that do purify their water often rely on relatively expensive short-term purification methods.


Together with Busoga Volunteers, TEL will identify market opportunities for increasing access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities at the household level.

Our Role

TEL developed qualitative household surveys to assess water & sanitation needs within communities across the Busoga sub-region. These surveys will provide key insights into immediate and aspirational needs, local supply chains, household purchasing power, and decisionmaking behavior. Once the surveys have been analyzed, TEL and Busoga will co-design a program to introduce affordable and culturally acceptable water and sanitation solutions.


Stay tuned for the results of our surveying activities, and our forthcoming WASH program with Busoga Volunteers!

Location: Busoga, Uganda

Launch date: February 2017

Beneficiaries: TBD

Busoga Volunteers for Community Development

Project Status: active
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