FLURHA is a local non-profit organization based in Marigot in the South-East of Haiti. As the founding partners of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help School (L’ENDPS), their mission is to improve conditions for local children and their community. L’ENDPS is handicapped by limited grid access and unreliable connectivity. FLURHA has been working towards providing an integrated off-grid computer network for L'ENDPS but lacks the expertise to identify and implement appropriate solutions.


An in-depth technology evaluation identified a 32 kWh/day solar system as the ideal source of power for the school. The evaluation resulted in the recommendation of a non-profit solar system implementer based in the Dominican Republic with active community projects in Haiti.

Our Role

In 2018, TEL completed a needs assessment and technology evaluation for off-grid energy solutions at the school. This process highlighted the need for a sustainable energy system to run basic appliances at the school including lights, fans, and computers.

Whats Next?

The next steps for this project include fundraising to implement the technology which we have been actively pursuing in 2019. The needs assessment also identified aspirational goals for the school. These include acquiring education resources such as digital devices for the students that connect to a central system, facilitating better learning outcomes through the use of synced data with an education platform tailor-made for the students. TEL has identified a number of partners through which this would be possible and is currently engaged in those discussions.

Location: Marigot, Haiti

Launch date: Feb 2019

Beneficiaries: TBD

Fondasyon Ludmilla Rousseau pour Haïti

Project Status: active
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