Despite infrastructure improvements to urban water supplies, the majority of India’s rural villages lack regular access to clean drinking water. While point of use technologies such as reverse osmosis filtration may be implemented, such solutions are costly, require high energy inputs, and are expensive to maintain and repair.


In partnership with the ANaRDe Foundation, TEL is facilitating the implementation of over 100 community water centers in rural villages across Gujarat. By leveraging ultrafiltration technology, each community water center will provide over 12,000 liters of potable drinking water per-day, with no need for electricity or complex maintenance.

Our Role

TEL worked with the Anarde Foundation to identify and procure high-quality and cost-effective ultrafiltration water filters from the SkyJuice Foundation in Australia. Unlike Reverse Osmosis filters, the Sky Hydrant ultrafiltration units require no electricity, and do not produce excess waste. Sky Hydrants require minimal maintenance, and their membrane filters need to be replaced only once every ten years.


The Anarde Foundation has procured five Sky Hydrant units, to provide clean water to over 10,000 individuals across five villages.

Location: Gujarat, India

Launch date: August 2016

Beneficiaries: 11,000

The ANaRDe Foundation

Project Status: active
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