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Solution Overview & Benefits

AguaClara builds water treatment plants that produce US EPA-standard drinking water and are owned and operated by small communities with limited resources. AguaClara technologies are built entirely out of inexpensive locally-available materials. They do not require highly-skilled labor to operate, and they run without any electricity.

The facilities use state-of-the-art chemical dosing that eliminates failures due to software, electronics, pumps and computers. Widely available, either aluminum sulfate or poly-aluminum chloride is used as the coagulant. Coagulant aids are not needed because the AguaClara design, based on computational fluid dynamics analysis, eliminates floc break up. The open design with no enclosed tanks reduces construction costs, simplifies maintenance and provides feedback to the operator for optimal plant performance.

The AguaClara Stacked Rapid Sand Filter operates without a filtered water storage tank or backwash pumps. The advanced filter fluidics control system eliminates the need for large control valves, pneumatics and electronics. Water is disinfected with liquid chlorine to kill any remaining pathogens. The total system operating cost is approximately $3 per household per month.

History & Development

Centralized drinking water treatment is often unsustainable for rural communities because conventional technology often cannot be sustained in a resource-poor context. The result has been to focus on point-of-use systems, which fall short of providing the necessary utilities for complete sanitation and hygiene. By re-engineering conventional treatment technologies for the small-scale, communities may receive clean drinking water right at the tap. This means individuals can cook, clean, bathe and wash dishes with clean water, thus minimizing contamination pathways and preventing fatal diseases and frequent illnesses.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Honduras, India
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote

Additional Information

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