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Solution Overview & Benefits

The AIDFI Hydraulic Ram Pump is a device which utilizes the energy contained in falling water (hydro power) to lift a portion of this water to high elevations.

The hydraulic ram pump developed by AIDFI is ideal for providing upland and waterless communities with a sustainable and reliable water system. Additionally, the pump ensures a low carbon footprint as it does not require any motor (powered by electricity or fuel). Through its social preparation it ensures that the community themselves know how to operate and maintain the pump.

For the AIDFI model, there are minimal operating costs because it does not use electricity or fuel and instead uses inexpensive, locally available spare parts (e.g. ordinary door hinges and valves from used car tires).

The pumps are made to order and are available in ten different sizes, with each pump having a specific flow range, making it ideal for the delivery of both drinking and irrigation water.

In testing, the AIDFI has successfully pumped water to elevations of 240 meters.

History & Development

There are thousands of upland villages in the world where people need to walk through dangerous trails to water sources below their homes everyday. In these situations, families spend a lot of time to acquire a limited amount of water. Children often skip school in order to help their families retrieve water. An AIDFI Ram Pump can consistently provide water to households while freeing women and children from the burdens of collecting water.

Furthermore, upland farms which rely on rainfall for irrigation can achieve consistent, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable sources of irrigation water by using the AIDFI Ram Pump to tap low elevation water sources.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, Afghanistan, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Cameroon

Additional Information

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