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Solution Overview & Benefits

In South Africa, many villagers use paraffin stoves for everyday household cooking. Even though these stoves meet the required needs for cooking, poor quality stoves can cause hazardous fires within households. Over 60,000 people are injured every year due to poor quality paraffin stoves.

The Arivi Eva Stove is a type of domestic paraffin stove for low-income families. The design of the system is safer, cleaner and more affordable than existing alternatives. The stove has the capacity to boil one liter of water in under 10 minutes, while also allowing for 13 hours of burning time on the maximum burn setting.

With an emphasis on safety, the Arivi Eva Stove has a safety kill switch that is activated when the unit is tipped over. A consistent airflow in the tank maintains fuel temperature at 37 degrees centigrade, and the closed casing contains flames within the unit.

History & Development

Over 100 prototypes of the Arivi Eva Stove have been rigorously tested at maximum burn intensity for over 500 hours. The design of the stove was innovated through injection molding, composites and computational flow modeling software.

The stove has a maximum output of 1.6 kW with a burner efficiency of 85% and cooking efficiency of 60%. All production of the Arivi Eva Stove takes place in South Africa while most of the raw components are brought to communities for local manufacture.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: South Africa
Price range (USD): 20 to 50 USD
Available online: yes
Countries where spare parts can be purchased: South Africa

Additional Information

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