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Solution Overview & Benefits

The biogas backpack is a low-tech biogas storage & transport container to facilitate the sale of biogas in developing countries. The backpack is a balloon of flexible, gas tight material equipped with backpack straps for body transport & a ball valve for fill-up & emptying. By directly connecting it to a biogas digester it is inflated with biogas & by weighting it down with an external weight: enough pressure & flow can be provided to supply a biogas stove or lamp for cooking & lighting.The pillow shaped pack have better characteristics in terms of providing constant gas pressure when weight down. In a fully inflated state the pack holds 1.2 m³ of biogas & weights 4.4 kg. It persist 0.53 bar inner pressure & 30,000 daN external pressure. The chosen material allows carbon dioxide (CO2) to transmit at a rate of about 840 ccm m-² d1, while methane is stored due to the low transmission rate of 200 ccm m-² d1. The biogas backpack provides the opportunity to produce biogas in one central, technically more advanced biogas plant rather than in many individual small-scale, low productive digesters that is commonly used in developing countries. Installation, operation & maintenance are done by the owner of the biogas business. Surrounding farmers can contribute to the biogas production by selling substrate to the plant owner. In return they can buy biogas & fertiliser with an affordable price & convenience. These create an income opportunities & can be the motor for further independent development & improve living conditions of poor rural households.


Publicly available: no
Countries where available: Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo
Price range (USD): 20 to 50 USD
Available online: yes


Weight: 4.4 kg (in a fully inflated state)

Additional Information

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