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Solution Overview & Benefits

The Barefoot PowaPack Series offers a solar lighting solution for homes and businesses. The series includes longer lasting AGM sealed lead acid batteries that last up to 400 cycles – twice as long as previous Barefoot Power kits. The PowaPack 5W Bright includes the new 3W LED tube light which gives customers more light for the same price.

The PowaPack Series includes the following products:

  • PowaPack Junior Matrix
  • PowaPack 5W
  • PowaPack 5W Bright
  • PowaPack 10W Village
  • PowaPack 15W Village

History & Development

Barefoot Power focuses on providing affordable lighting and phone charging products specifically for low income populations that do not have access to electricity. They believe that energy access is one of the key building blocks of economic development and the first step to alleviate energy poverty. Thus their first area of focus is on the most basic need for clean and affordable lighting.

To achieve this, they design, manufacture and distribute micro-solar lighting and phone charging products that have been designed to target communities in developing countries. The Barefoot Power mission is to help low income families break their dependence on inefficient, expensive and harmful light sources by giving them cleaner and cheaper options.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote

Additional Information

Solution Providers Website (external link) Product Webpage (external link)

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