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Solution Overview & Benefits

BasicNeeds works with over 90 organizations to bring community-based models for mental health to the developing world. The treatment gap for mentally ill patients is as high as 85%. This can be attributed to a lack of understanding of mental illness, community stigma, and a shortage of available resources.

The BasicNeeds model can be replicated in communities around the world. The treatment model utilizes socio-economic and community orientated solutions to create changes in policy, practice and resource allocation.

The BasicNeeds model uses local resources to reduce symptoms in order to help people become active participants in their community. The model has been tested in 12 countries and is proven to increase access to treatment and mobilize providers to deliver mental health services.

History & Development

Basic needs was founded in 2000 by Chris Underhill after visiting a hospital in Africa and witnessing mentally ill people being tortured and caged.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: China, Ghana, India, Kenya, Lao PDR, Nepal, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, and Vietnam

Additional Information

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