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Solution Overview & Benefits

The water storage equipment consists of kits for 45m3, 70m3, 95m3, and 11m3 capacity “Oxfam” tanks made with steel sheets and rubber liners, a range of lightweight rapid response PVC tanks, and a variety of complementary kits designed to assist in tank erection.

The 11m3 litre Oxfam Water Storage Tank is suitable for use in situations where a group of 500-1,000 people are living in temporary accommodation such as hospitals or feeding centres, or where a larger number are coming each day, for example to collect rations. The kit is particularly designed for ease of transport, being of low weight and volume. It also can be used to house water treatment kits such as the upflow clarifier and roughing filter.

The larger 45, 70 and 95m3 Oxfam tanks are suitable for use for bulk water distribution to larger groups of people and some water treatment processes. Each of these tanks comes complete with corrugated steel sheets, a synthetic rubber liner and a PVC roof cover.

The lightweight rapid response water storage tanks comprise a 6m3 trucking bladder tank for use in water transport, a 10m3 bladder tank for static water storage and a 30m3 onion tank for water treatment and storage. The rapid response tanks are very simple to install.

History & Development

This product is endorsed and used by the Oxfam Public Health Engineering Team.

The equipment is designed to be used with any or all of the following Oxfam water equipment: Water Pumping equipment, Water Coagulation and Disinfection equipment, Water Filtration equipment, Water Distribution equipment, Well Digging equipment, and Water Testing Kit. All are designed using available, easily transported equipment which is simple, rapidly assembled, and fully self contained, to provide an adequate, safe water supply at moderate cost.

The Oxfam equipment packages, which consist of “Oxfam” tanks (steel sheets, rubber liners), diesel water pumps, 3” PVC pipes etc, have been used successfully in the last two decades in often harsh environments, ranging from tropical to temperate climatic areas. Although this equipment is designed for emergencies, if installed and protected adequately it can give many years of useful service, though some up-grading works will be necessary to prolong its life. This equipment can be dismantled and re-used elsewhere.

The range of complementary kits (Tank Fittings Kit, Tool Kits, and ladder/Scaffolding Kit) should be ordered as required. In addition, details of the kits required to undertake various water treatment processes such as sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection are explained in the Water Coagulation and Disinfection manual and Water Filtration manuals.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote


Dimensions: Various capacities: 45m3, 70m3, 95m3, and 11m3
Weight: 118-275kgs

Additional Information

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