ClickMedix Contact Solution Provider

Solution Overview & Benefits

ClickMedix is a smartphone-enabled platform that allows patients to remotely connect with their doctors without physically visiting their clinic or hospital. Through this technology, specialists can connect with less trained clinicians in order to increase the clinical care they can offer.

The solution also allows doctors to increase patient volume by 4-10 times. In addition to creating convenient doctor-patient connections, health workers and nurses in rural areas can connect with remote physicians to administer and deliver care and treatment in a more timely fashion.

History & Development

Five years of ClickMedix pilot programs have been completed in 15 countries, 61 clinics/hospitals, three governments, 10 research institutions/medical schools, four NGOs, and four multi-national corporations.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: US, China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, India, Uganda, Ghana, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Trinidad, and Tobago

Additional Information

Product Webpage (external link)


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