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Unlike in developed countries where most meal preparation takes on average 45 minutes, women in rural areas of Africa can spend in excess of 2-3 hours a day pounding fufu cocoyam, yam, cassava, banana, sweet potatoes and plantain, which are staple foods in much of West, Central, and East Africa. Culturally, the burden of preparing food falls exclusively on women who for the most part are responsible for taking care of children, paying school fees, and going to the farms.

CocoYUM is a simple, manual, and affordable machine designed to cut down the time it takes to pound these foods from 2 hours to less than 30 minutes. This translates to between 220 and 300 hours each year from grinding, pounding or grattering tubers. Not only does CocoYUM save time, it reduces the drudgery involved in pounding the fufu without sacrificing the consistency and quality of the fufu that is obtained from pounding.

The time saved by these women can be used in value creating activities that generate income to pay school fees, healthcare needs, feeding their families, and much deserved rest.


Publicly available: Yes
Prototype: Yes


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