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Solution Overview & Benefits

The CTI Shredder enables farmers and small enterprises to transform spoilage-prone fruits and vegetables into shreds that can be dried and processed into high-value food products. Shredding and drying firm-fleshed crops such as potatoes, cassava and breadfruit gives families the opportunity to preserve their crops, meaning they no longer need to choose between hastily selling their harvest at low prices or risking loss due to spoilage.

The shreds can be processed into flour or other value-added products that can be sold at markets, giving impoverished families the opportunity to improve their food security while also generating additional income.

History & Development

Many nutritious fruits and vegetables grow in abundance, but because they have such a short shelf-life, they often spoil and go uneaten, even in extremely malnourished communities. These foods could provide an important source of nutrition in rural villages, where diets are often dominated by just one or two grains like corn, rice or millet.

With the opportunity to preserve perishable fruits and vegetables and process them into flour, communities can increase their food supply and take advantage of nutritious, underutilized food sources. Farmers and entrepreneurs can also generate income by selling shelf-stable flour or other food products made from flour.


Publicly available: no
Countries where available: Haiti, United States
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote

Additional Information

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