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Solution Overview & Benefits

The Ecobeam building technology is a versatile and eco-friendly timber frame building system that involves the construction of structures using Ecobeams as well as Ecobags (sandbags). The Ecobeam system offers benefits when compared to conventional building including up to 40% cost savings, bullet proof and earthquake resistant walls which offer thermal and acoustic properties. The Ecobeam system is easy to deploy and allows for rapid construction which helps deliver additional savings to its users. The Ecobeam system requires little skilled labour and also creates jobs for the poor. It is also allows for the construction of quality affordable houses in a sustainable way.

History & Development

The Ecobeam Technology is an award wining and patented building system which was invented in South Africa over 10 years ago by Mike Tremeer. Ecobeam Technology is in use in various countries around the world.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: West Africa

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