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Solution Overview & Benefits

The EcoSteps Sandbag building method was developed in South Africa as a low-cost housing solution. The method consists of three elements:

  • A framework of Eco-Beams (timber and metal beams that form the framework for the sandbag walls)
  • Specially formulated geo-fabric bags, filled with sand and stacked between the beams
  • Cladding with wire mesh and either plaster, timber or plasterboard

The completed structure is waterproof, fire resistant and soundproof and has beneficial thermal properties (cool in summer and warm in winter). While standard walls may develop cracks in the plasterwork that carry through the entire wall, cracks do not develop throughout sandbag walls.

Once the framework is in place, filling and stacking sandbags may be undertaken by unskilled workers or by the owners themselves, reducing labor costs and potentially providing job opportunities to the local community. Much of the sand required to build the structure can be obtained on-site.

This form of construction is ideal in isolated areas, as the weight and design of the construction material makes it easy to transport. Adoption of the Eco-Beam Sandbag system can decrease building costs while remaining environmentally friendly.

Eco-Beam Sandbag homes can be produced and built in a short period of time, as no masonry is necessary. Once the beams and bags have been transported to the site, the framework can be erected within a few days.

History & Development

EcoSteps is an Alternate Building and Energy Consulting Business founded in 2010.


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Countries where available: Worldwide
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