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Solution Overview & Benefits

The EcoZoom Wood Stoves are a variety of stoves that help users cook in areas with limited resources. EcoZoom's durable stoves last between one and five years. EcoZoom's line of basic cookstoves include three models: The Zoom Relief, The Zoom Stove, and The Zoom Dura.

EcoZoom stoves use a rocket stove design, which directs air through burning fuel in an internal chimney. The height and diameter of the combustion chamber causes oxygen to stoke the flame above the fuel, which promotes efficient combustion and generates less smoke than an open-flame fire.

EcoZoom's precise internal stove dimensions are essential to achieving high combustion efficiency and heat transfer, capable of emitting up to 23,000 BTUs. The bodies of these stoves are fully insulated. The EcoZoom stoves use up to 60% less fuel and emit 70% less smoke than cooking on an open fire, reducing consumption of natural resources while also reducing toxic smoke inhalation.

History & Development

EcoZoom believes cooking should be healthy, efficient and eco-friendly for cooks around the globe. Whether it’s for everyday cooking, recreation or emergency preparedness, EcoZoom stoves provide healthier home solutions that help improve and transform daily life. EcoZoom is a social enterprise and a certified B Corporation.


Publicly available: Yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): 35 to 60 USD Wholesale
Available online: Yes

Additional Information

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