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Solution Overview & Benefits

The Envirofit SaverPro100 Stove combines the technology from Envirofit household cookstoves into an institutional-sized cookstove, making it a suitable cooking alternative for restaurants, orphanages, schools, and community centers. With three pieces of wood the SaverPro 100 Wood Professional stove can prepare a meal for 300 students in half the time, while saving up to $2,400 a year in fuel costs. Virtually eliminating smoke, the SaverPro 100 creates a cleaner, healthier kitchen.

Features: Chimney Integrated 100L Stainless Steel Pot Insulated Hot Gas Path Rust Resistant Combustion Chamber Strong Supporting Legs Wood Support Adjustable / Leveling Feet

Features:- Pot Volume: 100L- Time to Boil: 48 minutes for 75L- Thermal Efficiency: 50%- Firepower: 30kW- Lifespan: 5 year minimum- Easy to maintain with cleanable chimney- Portable, stable and safe

History & Development

Before a new cookstove product is ready for high-volume production, Envirofit subjects their prototypes to rigorous stress testing that simulates multiple lifetimes of use. This testing is conducted in partnership with Colorado State University in what is currently the most advanced cookstove emissions testing laboratory in the world.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote

Additional Information

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