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Solution Overview & Benefits

The EzyStove is a wood-burning stove that is inexpensive, easy to produce and fuel-efficient. Developed to address the needs of emerging market users, EzyStove replaces open fire cooking with a safe and healthy alternative. An EzyStove can reduce the amount of wood required to cook a meal from 40-60%, saving users' time, money and greatly reducing the environmental impact of cooking. EzyStove is also designed to be locally assembled without tools, thereby creating jobs and reducing the cost of transportation into rural areas by a factor of five.

The EzyStove consists of a fire chamber that is fitted into a metal support frame. The fire chamber and pot support frame are designed as a two-part system with the fire chamber lasting 2-3 years and the pot support frame lasting up to 10 years. As the fire chamber begins to wear out, a replacement fire chamber can be purchased and fitted inside the frame by the customer within seconds, reducing the replacement cost of a new stove by 50% or more. EzyStove decreases deforestation, improves the health of women and children, creates local jobs and drastically reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

History & Development

Almost half of the world’s population cooks over an open fire at least once a day. Many of these methods are not only inefficient, but also hazardous to health and the environment as smoke and greenhouse emissions are released during the cooking process. The EzyStove was developed as a solution to address many of these problems for the world's poorest populations. Ergonomidesign developed the EzyStove in conjunction with the United Nations Development Program and the Global Environmental Facility Small Grant Program.'


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Kenyz, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia, United States
Price range (USD): 1 to 20 USD


Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 30.5 cm
Weight: 2.8 Kg

Additional Information

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