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Solution Overview & Benefits

Fundación enVía combines tourism, education and micro-finance to fight poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico. By providing interest-free micro loans to help women start or expand their small businesses, enVia facilitates social change, and generates real impacts and authentic cultural experiences.

enVia leads weekly tours into Oaxacan communities to meet its borrowers, learn about their loans and project plans, and offer support. enVia's tours provide a special glimpse of life in Oaxaca; one will learn about different artisanal trades, traditional foods and local economies, while also supporting the local community.

History & Development

The enVía name has dual meaning: it stands for Emprendedoras y Viajeros, Intercambiando y Aprendiendo (businesswomen and travelers, exchanging culture and learning). enVía can also be translated to mean "on the path."

enVía is on the path to fighting poverty, strengthening communities and creating social change through active outreach programs. enVia's interest-free micro loans provide more than just money; in addition to enVia's educational programs, they empower women to change their lives, their families and ultimately their futures.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Mexico

Additional Information

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