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Solution Overview & Benefits

GiftedMom is a social enterprise aiming to improve maternal health by using last-mile mobile technologies. Combining SMS and voice reminders with curative GPS-integrated tricycle solutions, the project aims to end preventable maternal and infant deaths.

This smartphone app uses a customized SMS notification and voice education platform. The solution leverages the high amount of mobile devices in Africa and provides antenatal care and vaccination reminders to pregnant women and new mothers, respectively.

A woman in an emergency situation or a an on-site community relay worker can alert the curative GPS Tricycle Transport, which the company has adapted for rural areas. Once notified, the GPS Tricycle Transport system takes the patient to a health center for treatment. As the app provides mapping and location details even for rural areas, it is able to calculate distances between the tricycle and the intervention zone, using cell-tower triangulation technology to function even without internet access. The tricycles are equipped with beds and an extra seat for a midwife or health personnel.

Designed for data collection which works offline and online, GiftedMom is primarily used by community relay workers and medical personnel, who can register pregnant women or new mothers to send and receive SMS. Voice notifications for illiterate women are also featured. This enables women to register for the service remotely by using a toll free short code number which syncs directly with the GiftedMom database. This mobile subscription method allows women to send their questions and get a response from a medical team.

History & Development

To date, GiftedMom has worked with over 6,000 pregnant women and new mothers sending critical messages and notifications in 26 disconnected communities in Cameroon and Nigeria.


Publicly available: Yes
Countries where available: Nigeria, Cameroon
Price range: Free

Additional Information

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