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Solution Overview & Benefits

Grameen Shakti, a non-profit founded by the Grameen Bank, is developing cooking alternatives that will improve indoor air conditions. The main components of the stove are built on site by trained technicians. Locally available products such as mud, husks, and animal dung are used to construct the main chamber of the stove. The most important component, though, is a specially designed chimney that carries smoke out of the house. This reduces indoor air pollution, and which can affect breathing and vision.

The stove can be purchased for as little at $10. This can be paid in cash for the full price upon purchase, or with a small down payment and a monthly installment plan. While the stove poses a health benefit, it is still a wood burning stove. To offset the use of firewood, Grameen Shakti complements the sales of improved cooking stoves with a tree-planting program.

History & Development

Grameen Shakti was founded in 1996 by Grameen Bank in order to focus efforts on bringing renewable energy to Bangladesh.

The improved cooking stoves provided by Grameen Shakti essentially halve the amount of firewood needed in order to carry out daily cooking activities. Grameen Technology Centres placed throughout the country train female technicians to install and repair the stoves. The stoves are currently only available in Bangladesh.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Bangladesh
Price (USD): 10

Additional Information

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