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Solution Overview & Benefits

Grand-Aides, LLC provides a training model that enables people to help connect patients with medical coverage in a timely manner. Once trained under the Grand-Aides model, these community health workers become 'Grand-Aides,' capable of delivering healthcare to remote areas.

Grand-Aides have had prior training in medical care (such as a Nurse Aide) and then take an added Grand-Aide curriculum. Under the supervision of a nurse or physician, Grand-Aides use telephone protocols and home visits with portable telemedicine to provide transitional, hospital discharge, and chronic disease management, as well as primary and preventive intervention to improve access to needed care in rural areas. They also help to reduce unnecessary emergency, clinic and hospital visits, which reduces healthcare costs.

The main goals of Grand-Aides:

  1. To achieve access to appropriate health care providers for primary and chronic care and to free professionals to do what only they can do by leveraging well-trained members of the team
  2. To "decongest" emergency departments, clinics and hospitals of people who could be cared for at home with greater access for those who need to be seen: 25%-50% reduction in unneeded ED and primary care visits; 25%- 50% reduction in hospital readmissions
  3. To “bend the cost curve” with more affordable care
  4. To educate patients and to intervene in preventive and self-care
  5. To create jobs and to enhance the lives of mature adults who want to give back to their community


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: USA, Bangladesh

Additional Information

Solution Providers Website (external link) Product Webpage (external link)


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