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Solution Overview & Benefits

This family-sized cooker can cook meals for 4-5 people. A larger version of the family size box-type cooker was also developed and used for canteen application. The canteen size solar cookers are just larger in size and can cook for 10-15 persons. A large Community Solar Cooker has been developed with Solar Concentrator technology. It is an ideal cooking device for hostels, ashramshalla, etc.

The Community Solar Cooker, in contrast, eliminates the health risks and energy inefficiency of the tradtional wood-burning Chulha stoves as it utilizes ‘the freely available eco-friendly solar energy from nature.

This Cooker is technologically superior to the box-type solar cooker as it employs a parabolic reflecting concentrator that can cook large quantities of food at a much faster rate. As it can achieve temperatures of up to 250°c as , the cooker can also be used for roasting & frying (which is not possible in the old box type solar cooker).

It can be used in an enclosed kitchen, making it suitable for dharmshalas, ashram shalas, hostels or any type of community kitchens.

There are a number of manufacturers for this product. Visit the following link for a list of manufacturers:

History & Development

This Concentrator Type Solar Cooker has been designed & developed by Mr. Wolfgang Scheffler, a German Engineer.


Publicly available: no
Countries where available: India

Additional Information

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