Mat for Measuring Maternal Blood Loss


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Solution Overview & Benefits

Postpartum hemorrhaging, the leading cause of maternal death and disability worldwide, causes nearly 500,000 deaths annually. In late 2010, icddd,b scientists developed and began successfully testing an absorbent birth mat that, when fully saturated, indicates that mothers need to go to the hospital for professional medical care.

icddr,b has incorporated the mat, in combination with Misoprostol and umbilical cord cleaning tools, into an innovative clean delivery kit that saves mothers' lives and prevents infections in newborns. In 2010, icddd,b scientists won a Gates Foundation Grand Challenges in Global Health prize for further development of a biodegradable mat.

History & Development

icddd,b was established as the SEATO Cholera Research Laboratory (CRL) in 1960 in what was then East Pakistan. Today it is a distinct global resource—integrating research, humanitarian care and training to improve the health of those living in poverty in Bangladesh and across the globe.


Publicly available: no
Countries where available: Bangladesh

Additional Information

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