GRIS water saving system


Solution Overview & Benefits

GRIS is a set of water containers that are to be laid on the bathroom floor under the shower to collect greywater. They capture water from the showerhead, a person’s body and from the wall. The collected water can be stored in these containers and/or immediately be reused for other purposes, including toilet flushing, cleaning, washing or watering the garden. GRIS can collect up to 95% of the shower water.

One set of containers consists of four 33x33x10cm size interlocking water containers with a non-slip surface. Each container has a water collector opening and a spout with open/close threaded caps. The water can be reused by simply lifting the container, opening the cap and pouring out the greywater.

Each container capacity is 10 liters, which means 40 liters per set. The four transparent containers allow users to see the amount of water filled. GRIS is able to support a 150kg person and is made of PET-R plastic – a highly reusable plastic material with a heat resistance up to 70 degrees celsius. The product can be cleaned with baking soda, vinegar or conventional washing soap. The estimated lifetime of a GRIS product is five years.

History & Development

South America is facing a large-scale water crisis caused by factors such as climate change and deforestation. Water conservation is essential, yet household water recycling systems are expensive and complex. The product can help combat this problem. Currently, water scarcity affects over 40% of people in the world, a proportion set to reach two-thirds by 2050. In addition, a mere 2.8% of the water is fresh and only 0.01% is in lakes and rivers.

GRIS does not only recycle water but can also contribute to changing water usage. For example, an average citizen of São Paulo uses 175 liters of water per day, although the World Health Organization recommends using 110 liters. The GRIS containers can cover 40 liters (60%) of the 65-liter difference.


Publicly available: No - prototype stage
Price range: 20 to 50 USD


Dimensions: 33cm x 33cm x 10cm

Additional Information

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