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Solution Overview & Benefits

The Rain Catcher is a lightweight device that collects rain, which can in turn be used as safe drinking water. The Rain Catcher consists of a tripod, three extension legs and an inverted waterproof canvas with a funnel at the tip (bottom end), which directs collected rain into a collapsible water container via a flexible tube. It is easy to erect and can be anchored to the surface in order to withstand moderate winds. The Rain Catcher can be used on boats as an emergency kit and can also be placed on top of a large water tank in rural areas.


  • Deploy the tripod and insert the extension legs
  • Pull the canvas over the frame and secure the canvas with Velcro (hook-and-loop tape) to the frame (extended tripod)
  • Secure the frame to the surface via three tent pegs through the feet or via the securing ropes
  • Place the water bottle beneath the canvas to collect rain water


  • Prevents cholera and other waterborne illnesses
  • Prevents dehydration
  • Can be used in disaster response areas

History & Development

The Rain Catcher is produced by �Invented Co., and is ready for serial production.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Malawi, South Africa


Weight: 1 kg

Additional Information

Solution Providers Website (external link) Product Webpage (external link)


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