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Solution Overview & Benefits

In response to the widespread problem of sexual violence, invi world has developed a self-defense product that enables women to protect themselves. The invi bracelet contains a breakable capsule filled with an unpleasant odoriferous substance to repel, and DNA dye to mark the attacker.

Once the capsule in the bracelet is broken by the victim, the smell is released which aims to repel the attacker in a non-violent way. This is the same mechanism used by a skunk as protection from predators.

In addition, the DNA dye can mark the attacker when he touches the victim and can assist in later identification. In areas with trustworthy judicial systems, usage of the invi bracelet can be used in court as additional proof that the wearer did not assent to the act. Furthermore, following investigation, the trace of the invisible marker can make a direct link between the attacker and the crime scene.

History & Development

The invi bracelet (formerly known as Pearltect) was developed to combat instances of sexual violence towards women in many societies around the world. These assaults on personal dignity have major consequences on physical and mental health and for society as a whole. 45% of women who become victims of sexual violence experience post-traumatic stress. According to UN Women (2008), one of the seven causes of violence against women is due to a ‘lack of protection’.

invi world aims to make an impact on society by providing women with a personal defense mechanism that creates and spreads non-violent solutions and overall awareness. This is designed to empower people to protect themselves.


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