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From The press extracts oil from sunflower, sesame, and other oil seeds. The filter produces clear, cold-pressed, nutritious cooking oil ready for sale or consumption. The seedcake by-product is valued as a high protein animal feed supplement.

Our MoneyMaker Block Press and MoneyMaker Oil Press are only available for distribution in the following East African countries:

Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Outside these countries, these products are only available for shipment by container load.

History & Development

From In 1992 the Kenyan government removed price controls on essential commodities and the price of cooking oil almost tripled in a few weeks. KickStart realized that the small-scale production and sale of cooking oil could be a very profitable small business opportunity if only the right technology was available to local entrepreneurs.

In 1993 KickStart engineers designed a manually operated oilseed press that is ideally suited for small-scale sunflower cooking oil businesses in East Africa. Called the “Mafuta Mali” (meaning “oil wealth” in Kiswahili), it was based on an original “ram press” design by Carl Bielenberg but was designed to be more efficient, durable and profitable to use. KickStart also developed and designed the first Gravity Bucket Filter to go with the press and developed a complete set of tooling for local mass production of both the press and filter. In 1994, KickStart trained four local engineering firms to manufacture the new presses.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
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