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Solution Overview & Benefits

Ruby Cup is an award-winning social business with a mission to provide a sustainable and healthy menstrual health solution to women and girls worldwide.

They make menstrual cups that are a healthier, and more cost-effective and eco-friendly, alternative to pads and tampons. Ruby Cups are crafted from 100% medical-grade soft silicone and are blissfully free from plastics, latex, toxins and bleaches.

They are reusable for 10 years, affordable and you can wear them up to 8 hours, providing more comfort and less fuss.

History & Development

A Ruby Cup is a life-changing period product.

For every Ruby Cup sold, they donate another one to a girl without access to reliable period products. Each donation comes with an educational workshop on how to use a Ruby Cup and reproductive health. Furthermore, it gives the girls access to a support network to make sure they get the help they might need once they start using it.

Ruby Cup strives to dismantle taboos surrounding menstruation by delivering sound education on reproductive health and menstrual care so everyone can live their periods with dignity, and free of shame.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): 30 to 40 USD
Available online: yes
Offered or can be licensed for local manufacture: Yes

Additional Information

Solution Providers Website (external link) Product Webpage (external link)


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