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Solution Overview & Benefits

MED International’s equipment management software (MiEMS) is an internet database that is used to maintain an inventory of hospital equipment to monitor equipment functionality. This software helps to create an effective supply chain for hospital equipment by:

1) Enabling hospital technicians to systematize equipment repairs. 2) Providing information about existing equipment needs to equipment-donating NGOs and the Ministry of Health (MOH). 3) Enabling the MOH and MED International to evaluate the effectiveness of equipment donations and repair processes.

First piloted in Zanzibar, technicians repaired $300,000 USD in equipment with less than €500 in spare parts. This corresponded to a 23% increase in the use of life-saving equipment with inpatient procedures and premature infants, along with a 30% increase in equipment utilization. MiEMS is currently used in Zanzibar and Tanzania.

History & Development

Many developing regions lack a sufficient supply of critically needed medical equipment because broken machines are rarely repaired while needs for additional equipment go unmet.

This often occurs because hospitals do not maintain up-to-date inventories. Administrators are thus unable to communicate their institutions' equipment needs to international NGOs. As a result, donated equipment is often irrelevant to the clinical setting. Machines remain un-repaired because there is no established system to report and manage equipment breakdowns. With limited information about the location of broken equipment, equipment technicians work ineffectively, repairing equipment in an ad hoc manner rather than prioritizing critical repairs.

Literature from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that healthcare interventions that include a software management program are 2.64 times more likely to create positive health outcomes in patients than those without similar programs.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Tanzania
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Additional Information

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