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Solution Overview & Benefits

Medic Mobile makes mobile technology accessible. Most mobile phone owners live in the developing world, yet many mobile health initiatives fail to grow beyond a few dozen people. Mobile Medic aims to close the gap and reach scale by using the phones that are already in people’s hands.

Medic Mobile aims to use the right technology tools for each project. They have supported mHealth projects in partnership with 30+ organizations in 20 countries, and their tool kit includes software they’ve built themselves, as well as software developed by other organizations. Their aim is to focus on what their implementing partners and users want to accomplish. Through their projects they’ve gained experience with SMS, structured SMS, USSD, email, SIM apps, J2ME apps, Android apps, and hosted and distributed web applications. Once they determine the needs of community-based and facility-based users they are able to select, customize or create the necessary tools.

Medic Mobile works with partner organizations that provide high-impact health services in challenging settings and guides them towards low-cost tools and more effective health services.

Mobile Medic used free and open source software to boost immunization rates by more than 20%, to contain disease outbreaks, and to make drug stock reporting 4x cheaper and 134x faster. Their efforts have impacted the care of over 600,000 patients.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote

Additional Information

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