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Solution Overview & Benefits

Mellowcabs manufactures and operates three-wheeled, electric mini-cabs to provide low-cost, eco-friendly and convenient taxi and transport services in densley populated cities. A mobile app connects commuters to cabs, and payment can be made by cash or card via the app. The passenger section of the cab can also be replaced with a cargo section.

Unlike meter cabs and large, privately owned cars, Mellowcabs are less expensive, and aim to be more convenient and avoids mass pollution. Using shells made from recycled PET, the cars use regenerative braking which recovers and converts kinetic energy into electricity. An additional facet includes a flexible solar panel on the roof, which can generate up to 35% of the cab’s power.

Mellowcabs has also developed an on-demand App which includes features such as allowing gender-specific requests for women to request female drivers.

History & Development

As cities become the engines of economic growth, city officials and decision makers face a challenging task of developing and maintaining efficient urban transport systems. Africa's transport market is characterized by large fossil-fuelled vehicles and limited public transport infrastructure. Despite the growth in car use, minibus public transport and walking are still the predominant forms of mobility for the majority of Africans.

All the Mellowcabs are locally produced and the company aims to create sustainable job opportunities in manufacturing as well as drivers and technicians. 500 vehicles operating in South Africa will generate a minimum of 1100 jobs.

The company aims to provide low-cost transport (approximately $1 USD per-ride). The business plan involves deploying 500 vehicles in South Africa over the next five years. If these vehicles transport 40 people per day, Mellowcabs will reach 7,300,000 people annually, providing good, efficient and clean transport.


Publicly available: Yes
Countries where available: South Africa
Price range: Contact supplier for quote
Offered or can be licensed for local manufacture: No


Dimensions: 3100 mm x 1200 mm x 1800 mm

Additional Information

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