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Solution Overview & Benefits

This low cost pump-set is adapted for most small holder irrigation requirements with a two stroke engine, and low power/fuel consumption. The pump-set can be used on shallow wells or tube wells, on rivers and widely on a water surface.

Small scale irrigation, using small pump sets is becoming increasingly popular in West Africa. The biggest obstacle for farmers is the high cost of the pump-set (€ 300-600). The Practica Foundation has identified a pump-set in China costing not more than about €140 (resale price for farmers).

Apart from having a low investment cost, the fuel consumption is also about 40% less than that of the presently available pump sets.

Product specifications: 1.5hp; fuel consumption:0,5 litres/hour; suction head depth: 7 meters depth; maximum total head:30 meters; maximum discharge:25 cubic meters/hour, weight:15 kilos. Experience in Nicaragua has shown that a lifetime in excess of 2000 hours is possible.

History & Development

The pump is imported from China at low cost. Practica Foundation takes responsilbilty for the quality monitoring of the product.

In certain cases it is possible to modify the motor to run on kerosene fuel as well instead of petrol. In most countries kerosene is widely available and cheaper than petrol. Tests in Madagascar has shown a reduction of the cost running of 25% with kerosene and a reduction of 60% of the cost running in comparison with petrol pump-set available on the local market.

PRACTICA can facilitate procurement of these pumps and spare parts from China, the establishment of a dealer network, training of mechanics and general promotion. PRACTICA has developed an operation and maintenance manual.

Spare parts are available from China at low cost.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Currently used in Madagascar, Chad, Nicaragua and Burkina Faso. Contact Practica for more information.
Local Price: €140-170
Countries where spare parts can be purchased: China


Dimensions: Inlet/outlet diameter: 50mm
Weight: 15kg

Additional Information

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