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Solution Overview & Benefits

Eco-fuel briquettes are blocks of compressed biomass material such as farming waste, charcoal dust or waste paper. They are used for fuel in households for cooking, water heating, and space heating. In Kenya, people use firewood and charcoal for cooking. The prices of firewood and charcoal have been increasing drastically, making it less affordable for most users. Briquettes are a proven technology that provides a low-cost fuel for households that is locally made and can be used as an alternative to wood or charcoal. Fuel briquettes can also be used in institutions for large scale cooking, and in industries for production use.

There are two types of eco-fuel briquettes:

  1. Non-carbonized fuel briquettes: these are produced from waste materials that are not carbonized such as saw dust, and waste paper.
  2. Carbonized fuel briquettes: these are made from waste materials that have undergone carbonization such as charcoal dust, or carbonizing non-carbonized briquettes.

History & Development

Practical Action is an international development organization working with communities to find practical solutions to the poverty they face. Technology has a vital role to play in building livelihoods - and technology can include physical infrastructure, machinery and equipment, but also knowledge, skills and the capacity to organize and use all of these.

Practical Action has been working for over three decades to provide sustainable energy solutions to those who need them most. Practical Action’s ethos is ‘people power’. They work with communities to develop renewable energy technologies, using natural resources such as water, wind, sun and waste, which are available in even the smallest or most remote communities.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): Free
Offered or can be licensed for local manufacture: Yes

Additional Information

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