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Solution Overview & Benefits

ProH2O is an individual water filter made to eliminate arsenic and heavy metals from drinking water. ProH2O uses a scaled-down technique that is usually used for large water treatment plants. The system uses two 10 inch filters and consists of two main components. The first component acts as an adsorbent for arsenic removal, and the second acts as a carbon block for water filtration.

Installation, maintenance and support for the filter can all be performed by local personnel. If necessary, the filter can be extended with additional components like inline membrane filters for bacterial and virus protection. The market price of the filter is approximately 35 USD and each filter cartridges costs about 10 USD. The cartridge should be replaced once a year.

History & Development

Argentina is one of the countries that is most severely affected by arsenic contamination due to natural geological conditions. Although the health risks associated with consuming arsenic contaminated water are commonly known, many people still lack awareness. Arsenic is one of the most abundant toxic elements in the earth's crust. In Argentina over 2.5 million people consume water with concentrations above the tolerance limit recommended by the WHO.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Argentina, Chile, Ecuador
Price range (USD): 20 to 50 USD

Additional Information

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