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Solution Overview & Benefits

With the medical rucksack, doctors in developing countries are offered a completely new type of device which uses solar energy to clean, disinfect and sterilize contaminated surgical instruments. Because of its integrated water treatment plant, the device produces clean water from even contaminated rivers or sea water.

Due to the use of solar energy, the device is completely self-sufficient and independent of any supply of electricity or gas. In case of fluctuating sunshine, a new type of storage technology enables the safe use of solar energy in medical technology. The device is consistent with CE regulations. It is intended for use in rural developing areas.

As the device is integrated into a rucksack (backpack) it can easily be carried to any remote region. The technical feasibility has been tested and proven by the University of Kassel in Germany. A functional prototype will be developed by the end of 2014. A technical prototype will be constructed one year later. The device is scheduled for release by mid 2016.

History & Development

In many rural and developing areas, infectious diseases such as AIDS or tuberculosis are passed on because of non-sterile surgical instruments. Injuries at work, at play or in the household can lead to serious illnesses because conventional devices for purification and sterilization do not work sufficiently on site. Conventional devices need a stable power supply and distilled water. Therefore, they are unsuitable for developing areas. This device will help eliminate the spread of disease.

The rucksacks will be sold to businesses, certain individuals and societies. NGOs are also expected to purchase the medical rucksacks for their emergency services.


Publicly available: no
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote

Additional Information

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