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Solution Overview & Benefits

Saha Global (formerly Community Water Solutions) empowers women to launch sustainable water businesses. Instead of drilling wells, Saha Global brings students and young professionals from around the world to West Africa, where they build water treatment centers and train local women to run them. These businesses provide safe drinking water to the entire community, generate income for the women entrepreneurs who run them, and use local products. To date, Saha Global has launched 55 water businesses in Ghana that provide clean water to more than 30,000 people. 100% of their businesses are still in operation today.

History & Development

Saha Global is a non-for-profit social enterprise that partners with rural communities in developing countries to establish sustainable water treatment businesses. These businesses are owned and operated by the communities that they serve, and use simple, affordable technologies to enable the treatment, distribution, and storage of clean, safe drinking water. The maintenance and operation of these water treatment businesses is funded by revenue from the sale of drinking water, while the capital and training necessary to establish them is generated from Saha Global fellowship program.

Saha Global is currently working in 55 communities in the Northern Region of Ghana.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Ghana
Countries where spare parts can be purchased: Ghana

Additional Information

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