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Solution Overview & Benefits

SimGas BV from the Netherlands has developed a system which circumvents the main problems arising for conventional biogas solutions. The GesiShamba (“Farm-Gas”) presents an affordable high-quality fixed dome biogas system designed for livestock holders in (sub-)tropical areas. It is mass-produced in recycled HDPE (high density polyethylen) which reduces material costs, while accelerating the transport and installation process. The biogas system uses manure and organic waste to produce gas for cooking and the effluent is used as a valuable fertilizer to nourish crops. The GesiShamba was constructed as an all-rounder, which means that it can also be used for co-digestion of (non-lignin) biodegradable materials, further improving the gas yield. The systems are economical, transportable, modular expandable and easy to install – qualities which current biogas systems do not possess.

History & Development



Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote

Additional Information

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