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Solution Overview & Benefits

The Ulitium is Sundaya’s next generation of DC lighting products. Using the energy-efficient LED technology, it allows for an affordable system, which is also modular and expandable according to the consumer's needs. Starting typically with one system consisting of a small solar panel connected to a Ulitium lamp, the system can be expanded by adding more panels and lamps as required. The configuration can be as large as the user desires, spanning across the entire home. A Lithium battery pack is housed inside each Ulitium lamp, thus eliminating the need for a centralized controller and tedious maintenance. Because the energy consumption of the Ulitium is very low, it does not require large solar panels, making the Sundaya Ulitium range the best choice for solar DC lighting in the years to come.

Main features:

  1. 240 Lumen light output (equal to 7W CFL bulb or 40W incandescent bulb).

  2. 23% efficiency (compared to 1% for incandescent and 5% for CFL).

  3. Built-in Energy Storage (60kJ) and management electronics (no need for separate battery and controller anymore). Solar panel plugs in directly to the lamp through a Hub (which provides lightning surge protections).

  4. Dimmable from 240 Lumen, down to 120 Lumen, 25 Lumen, and off position, by integrated pull-switch.

  5. Extremely low energy consumption: a. 8kJ/h @ 240Lm b. 4kJ/h @ 120Lm c. 1kJ/h @ 25Lm

  6. Long battery life: a. 7,500h @ 8kJ/h (240Lm), equal to 3.4 years @ 6h/day b. 15,000h @ 4kJ/h (120Lm), equal to 6.8 years @ 6h/day

  7. Extremely long life of light-chips: a. 20,000h @ 240Lm, equal to 9 years @ 6h/day b. 40,000h @ 240Lm, equal to 18 years @ 6h/day

  8. Can be charged with very small solar panel of 50kJ/day (3Wp): a. 240Lm > 50kJ / 8kJ/h = 6h of light per day b. 120Lm > 50kJ / 4kJ/h = 12h of light per day

  9. System expandable from 1 lamp to 10 or 100 lamps, simply by adding and connecting more panels and lamps.

  10. System can be added by a Sundaya LCD Color TV with same built-in Energy Storage technology.

  11. Automatic regulation of energy between devices that are connected to same PV panel (or array of panels). Devices that are used most will get the most recharging energy the next day.

  12. Can charge from any 18-24VDC source or any 32-36 cell PV solar panel with maximum Open Circuit Voltage of 25VDC (max).

History & Development

The above is history for only one third of the world’s population living in the modern world. Another third only has partial access to unreliable networks and the last third has till today never even experienced the “luxury” of electric power.

Those facts are the bases for the rapidly growing business of Sundaya, by providing DC electricity to those people having no access to reliable grid electricity for light, entertainment and communication.

Making use of renewable energy sources stems from our conviction that ultimately it’s the most effective and cost efficient solution for rural electrification.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote

Additional Information

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