Coleman 55 Watt, 12-Volt Solar Power Generator Kit

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Solution Overview & Benefits

A solar power generator kit designed to produce up to 55 watts/3.7 amps of renewable energy. Complete kit includes three 18 watt solar panels, metal panel frame with stand, 7-amp charge controller, 300 watt inverter with USB port, 3-in-1 cable connector, wire adapter, 12 foot (3.6 meter) extension cable, and LED voltage tester. Works with 12 volt and 110 volt appliances and electronics with power inverter. Solar panels can operate in all daylight conditions. Made with shatterproof, fully weatherproof tempered glass that require little maintenance. The 7-amp charge controller prevents overcharging of 12 volt batteries.

History & Development

Item # 58050


Publicly available: Yes
Countries where available: USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, Africa, Mexico/Latin America
Price range: Contact supplier for quote


Dimensions: 38" L x 30" W x 22" H/96.5cm x 76.2cm x 55.9cm
Weight: 41.1 lbs/18.6 kg; retail box weight 52.4 lbs/23.82 kg

Additional Information


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