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Solution Overview & Benefits

The Sunlabob Solar Water Pump System is comprised of several PV (photovoltaic) panels that produce direct current (DC) electricity when exposed to sunlight. The DC current is collected by the wiring in the panel. The current is either used to supply a DC pump, which pumps water whenever the sun shines, or the current is stored in batteries (for a battery-coupled pumping system). All the pumped water is stored in a water tank so that there is a constant water supply, even in bad weather conditions and at night when there is insufficient power to generate the solar water pumps.

A solar-powered water pump differs from a regular water pump only in that it uses the sun's energy to supply electricity for the pump. Solar-powered water pumps represent a higher initial investment; however, over a period of five years they offer cost benefits due to zero fuel costs and minimal maintenance costs compared to AC pumps that run with a diesel-powered generator.

History & Development

Sunlabob Renewable Energy is a Laos-based company specializing in renewable energy and clean water solutions throughout the developing world. Experts in rural and remote areas, Sunlabob offers a wide range of products and services that achieve one common goal: to enable long-term access to clean energy and water.

Sunlabob focuses on solutions that are technically, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Established in 2001, the company has expanded far beyond its initial focus in Laos, now providing its integrated expertise of rural electrification to governments, multilateral development agencies, multinational companies, NGOs and private individuals throughout Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific.


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Countries where available: Worldwide
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