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Solution Overview & Benefits

The SunSaluter is a low-cost solar panel rotator which boosts efficiency by 30% and produces four liters of clean drinking water each day. The SunSaluter is assembled by attaching a solar panel onto a stand built out of bamboo or wood, metal fittings, and a metal arm that acts like a scale.

At the beginning of the day, a user fills up two water containers to be used as a weight on one side of the metal arm and a counterweight on the other. After setting up the water containers, the water slowly drips out of the containers through a tube, which can be attached to a water filter. This slow drip creates a slow shift in weight, so throughout the day, the solar panel changes position and tilts as the sun moves across the sky, and the water drips out of the containers. This makes the solar panel perpendicular to the sun all day as it moves from sunrise to sunset.

At the end of the day, when the sun is down, the water has completely dripped out of the containers and through the filter, creating clean water. As a result, the solar panel has harvested 30% more energy from the sun by remaining perpendicular to the sun all day.

History & Development

Developed over the course of many years by Eden Full, the first SunSaluters were deployed to Kenya in 2010. After two years of refining the product, communities in Tanzania and Uganda set up a total of 5 SunSaluters which use the new design (incorporating both water filtration and solar panels rotating).

Since 2013, SunSaluter has been manufacturing and shipping units around the world, to 10 countries on 4 continents.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): 20 to 50 USD
Offered or can be licensed for local manufacture: Yes
Countries where spare parts can be purchased: Worldwide


Dimensions: Depends
Weight: 20 lbs

Additional Information

Solution Providers Website (external link) Product Webpage (external link)


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