Solar Reflectors type Scheffler


Solution Overview & Benefits

The solar reflectors can be used to bake, cook, or fry all kinds of food, as well as, to generate steam. They are based on the Scheffler type, as they are built of steel sections presenting 16 m² of highly reflective aluminum. Powered by a sensor-controlled motor, the reflector rotates, following the course of the sun and focusing its light on the one point throughout the year. This focus collects the sunlight and therefore reaches temperatures, which exceed 1000 °C. Depending on the seasons, the reflector is configured to the angle of the sun at two levers very simply by hand. The system is transportable.

The concentrated energy can be used for heating a plate of about 1 m² or an oven to 180-250 °C in about an hour. The temperature is kept constant by an integrated stone core. Further, it can be used to generate steam as an energy source, as several combined reflectors can vaporize water in an absorber that is connected to a pressure tank (to max 10 bars).


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Mexico
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote

Additional Information

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