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Solution Overview & Benefits

Information updated: April 29th 2020

This is a Pneumatic device.

VentilAid is a simple device for non-invasive ventilation. It is especially projected to help patients suffering from COVID-19. VentilAid helps breathing, prevents alveoli from collapsing and monitors patients health.

Summary Specs:

  • This is a Pressure Regulated Volume Control (PRVC) device.
  • The device does not have an interface but can be connected to a computer screen or smartphone.
  • Automatic function in CPAP and BiPAP modes
  • Up to 70% FiO2
  • Pressure up to 15 cm H2O (with a greater technical capablity of up to 30cm H2O)

(more details can be found on the project websites - see links below)

History & Development

VentilAid is an open-source ventilator of last resort developed by a group of Polish volunteers. The latest prototype is the third model called MK III. Most parts can be printed using FDM 3D printers. Other parts should be easily sourced locally. The device can be powered by a universal power supply.



Publicly available: Yes
Countries where available: VentilAid is in the process of applying for certification. It’s not currently certified for medical usage. Price range: non-commercial CC Open Source license Offered or can be licensed for local manufacture: Yes

Additional Information

Solution Providers Website (external link) Product Webpage (external link)


If you are aware of any updates to the VentilAid project please complete the form or send an email to [email protected]

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