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Solution Overview & Benefits

The WakaWaka Light is an efficient solar lamp, providing 16 hrs of safe light on a single day of sunlight.

Special Features

Solar charge time:

  • 75% full in 6 hrs around 50 degrees latitude (NY)

LED burn time:

  • 100% brightness = 8 hrs
  • 50% brightness = 16 hrs
  • 10% brightness = 80 hrs

Extra functions:

  • SOS emergency signal
  • auto energy saving mode
  • 200% torch mode, switches to 100% after 30 seconds

History & Development

It has been found that replacing kerosene lamps with off-grid solar powered products saves money, results in better school grades for kids and increases income-generating capacity for families as a whole. Burn risk, unhealthy side effects and carbon-emissions are eliminated while the ability to charge mobile phones enables communication and entrepreneurship. Acces to local, sustainable energy is a fundamental human right - it empowers, it powers connectivity and it saves lives.

WakaWaka’s story began in 2010, when future founders Maurits Groen and Camille van Gestel ran an active lobby to green the South Africa World Cup. Their design for an ultra-efficient LED lamp to replace millions of incandescent lamps won an international competition for emission-reduction ideas. VisitingSouth Africa one thing struck them very powerfully: namely, the number of South Africans who lived off the electricity grid and for which the wonderful invention was therefore useless.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): 20 to 50 USD
Available online: yes


Dimensions: 120 x 79 x 24 mm
Weight: 200 grams

Additional Information

Solution Providers Website (external link) Product Webpage (external link)


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