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The capacity, depth and ease of operation of conventional manual lift pumps have improved little since introduced. Fetching water in developing countries is very time-consuming, especially if much water is needed. Using conventional pumps, an average of 5 to 6 gallons per-minute can be pumped from shallow wells. The depth is also limited by the physical power a human can exert in lifting the column of water, which practically is around 230 feet.

The WaterBuck Pump is a powerful and efficient shallow and deep-well hand pump. The pump is designed to operate the same reciprocating lift pumps as those used in the windmill industry. The mechanics of this unique pump are unlike any conventional water well hand pump, enabling an operator to pump volumes of water from shallow wells with the same effort over conventional manual lift pumps. Practical amounts of water can now be pumped from much greater depths (700 feet is anticipated) under human power. Time spent pumping water needed for daily use can be greatly reduced.

The limits of the WaterBuck Pump are not yet known considering its newness and a wide variety of applications. However, in comparison to other powerful non-electric pumps with the same application, the WaterBuck exceeds the peak capacity of a 12-foot-diameter windmill by 60%.

The WaterBuck Pump is a water supply system for communities that have static water levels up to 200 feet with a capacity of up to 55 gallons per-minute. It can also pump uphill, supply water for furrow irrigation and pressurize tanks for drip irrigation or indoor plumbing. The pump can be adapted to accommodate a second lever and twin cylinders, allowing capacity to double with two to four operators pumping simultaneously. A manual well pump of this caliber can be a great long-term asset for off-grid homesteaders and communities in developing countries.

History & Development

Within the United States, an increasing number of individuals and communities are choosing to live off-grid for a variety of reasons of economics, privacy and self-sufficiency. The cost of electric power continues to rise and many fear an eventual end to the availability of affordable power.

Well WaterBoy Products designed and built a prototype hand pump machine during the 2012 drought because common manual pumps are not adequate to supply the water needed from a deep well. Since then, the pump has been greatly improved upon and made ready for market.

The WaterBuck is manufactured with industrial-grade mechanics, weighing about 425 pounds, and is built to last for generations. Unlike alternative energy systems, it does not rely on advanced technology and is much less susceptible to theft, vandalism and catastrophic damage. The system requires only simple, easy maintenance.

Field testing the WaterBuck yielded 22 gallons per-minute with one operator drawing water from 80 feet. The yield is even greater with two operators. In another test, a 64-year-old woman pumped 7 gallons per-minute, also from the same application.

The WaterBuck Pump is currently manufactured and sold solely in the United States. However, it is a goal of Well WaterBoy Products to make the pump available in developing countries.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: USA
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Dimensions: 6' 2'' x 22'' x 20''
Weight: 425 lb

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