Through our consulting services, we guide clients looking to introduce innovative products and technologies in developing regions. Serving aid agencies, corporate social responsibility groups, and the public sector, we can help you identify, evaluate and implement innovative solutions to improve the lives of consumers and beneficiaries in underserved communities around the world.

Our multidisciplinary team draws from backgrounds in international development, entrepreneurship, and "big-four" management consulting to align your organizational needs with effective development programs. Working closely with our partners at MIT, we use evidence-based methodologies to ensure programs are demand driven, culturally appropriate and financially sustainable.

Whether you are looking for support in designing and implementing customized development projects, or building your team’s capacity to innovate, we can drive your last-mile impact through the following services:

Needs Assessments & Market Research

Identifying solutions that are culturally appropriate, logistically feasible, and financially viable requires a deep understanding of the markets you're looking to enter. Our human-centered approach to needs assessments includes:

  • Qualitative and quantitative surveying of target beneficiaries
  • Key informant interviews with sector experts across industry, academia and the public sector
  • Stakeholder mapping, supply chain mapping and geographic and socioeconomic contextual analysis

Comparative Product & Technology Evaluation

With so many global development innovations and products on the market, how do you choose the right one for your particular context? Through our partnership with MIT’s Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE), we conduct comparative evaluations to determine which solutions are most likely to succeed in a specific context.

Distribution & Business Modeling

Successful implementation and distribution of products and technologies in last-mile communities face many obstacles including: low purchasing power, high risk aversion and widely dispersed consumer bases. We work closely with key stakeholders to create demand generation strategies and distribution models that respond to the needs and aspirations of consumers and beneficiaries.

Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Reporting

Effective monitoring and evaluation is critical for continuous improvement and optimization. We incorporate monitoring and evaluation protocols throughout the program design process, in order to develop outcome-oriented indicators to assess impact and help clients, partners, and colleagues learn and iterate.

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Evidence-based solution expertise: Discover new solutions and approaches to stubborn development challenges. Make data-driven and defensible procurement decisions to improve outcomes, and collect the information you need to make the case for new approaches and solutions.

Due diligence and risk mitigation: Invest in products, technologies and programs that are most likely to succeed. Understand development technologies and innovations in a comparative context with clear use cases for decision-makers to get up to speed on changes and trends.

Mission driven programs and new markets: Support effective products, technologies, and programs that align with your mission, brand and values, while pursuing opportunities in new markets.

Participatory program design and local empowerment: Choose the products and solutions that will work best in your local community. Meet community needs and aspirations with participatory design embedded in your process.

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