Photo Credits

child and grandfather with phone:
86-year-old Ki Suripto, a traditional maker of gamelans (Indonesian musical instruments), accesses the internet using a mobile phone with the help of his grandchildren in Sumogawe Village, Semarang district.
© 2013 Aji Styawan, Courtesy of Photoshare

girls at water pump:
Girls pump water at a local borehole in Chiphazi, Malawi.
© 2010 Sally Zweimueller, Courtesy of Photoshare

agriculture irrigation:
A farmer adjusts an irrigation sprinkler in a potato field in Birbhum, West Bengal, India.
© 2014 Somenath Mukhopadhyay, Courtesy of Photoshare

measuring baby's arm:
A Masters in Public Health Management student measures the mid-upper arm circumference of an infant during his community practice program in Mangochi district, Malawi.
© 2008 Fletcher Gong'a, Courtesy of Photoshare

woman teaching women:
Sayeda Akhtar, a 21-year-old Bangladeshi woman known as a Tattahakallayani or Info Lady, shows a 15-minute video on a laptop to a group of women at a weekly meeting in Saghata, a remote impoverished farming village in Netrokuna district, northeast of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
© 2011 A.M. Ahad, Courtesy of Photoshare

woman studying with solar light:
An auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) works on discharge papers by the light of a solar lamp at a health center in Shivpuri district, Madhya Pradesh, India.
© 2012 Anil Gulati, Courtesy of Photoshare

women sitting in circle:
Salina Khatun, a 23-year-old Bangladeshi woman, last right, known as a Tattahakallayani or Info Lady, sits with a group of Bangladeshi girls, aged between 12 and 17, during a courtyard meeting to teach about menstruation, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and contraceptive use in Saghata, a remote impoverished farming village in Gaibandha district, 120 miles (192 kilometers) north of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
© 2012 A.M. Ahad, Courtesy of Photoshare

close up of girl:
A young girl in India.
© 2008 André J. Fanthome, Courtesy of Photoshare

woman walking down path:
Community Health Worker Marie Chantal walks into her village of Batamuliza Hururiro, near Rukumo Health Center, Rwanda.
© 2013 Todd Shapera, Courtesy of Photoshare

teacher and students wtih laptop:
An NGO volunteer teaches basic computer information to tribal children in Dhar, India.
© 2012 Chetan Soni, Courtesy of Photoshare

women digging:
Women work together to dig a dry pond in India.
© 2013 Chetan Soni, Courtesy of Photoshare

women with candles:
Members of a women's network of people living with HIV light candles to mark World AIDS Day 2010 at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, India.
© 2012 Anil Gulati, Courtesy of Photoshare

man on bike:
A man cycles past rice fields belonging to G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology in Pantnagar, Uttaranchal, India. Experimental trials on these fields ultimately help rice farmers achieve higher yields or avoid pests, diseases, and environmental challenges such as drought.
© 2005 Adam Barclay, Courtesy of Photoshare

solar panel on temple:
A monk adjusts a solar panel at the Hemis Monastery in Leh, India.
© 2013 Debdatta, Courtesy of Photoshare

girl reading in a field:
A child in India reads in the rice paddy while her mother works nearby.
© 2012 Puranjit Gangopadhyay, Courtesy of Photoshare

boys at water pump:
Children in Kolkata, India, collect water from a hand pump.
© 2011 Kallol Tripathi, Courtesy of Photoshare

children with laptop:
Village children crowd around a laptop outside Kolkata, India.
© 2014 Debdatta, Courtesy of Photoshare

smiling woman with crops:
Women work in a field in rural Myanmar.
© 2009 Kyaw Thar, Courtesy of Photoshare

Pumani CPAP training 2 CPAP training in Malawi in 2013 © 2013 Rice 360, Courtesy of Jocelyn Brown

Florence with CPAP patient A nurse named Florence Mwenifumbo and a CPAP patient in Malawi in 2013. © 2013 Rice 360, Courtesy of Jocelyn Brown

Boy Malawi A boy walking home with his hoe in Ekwaiweni, Malawi. © 2017 Paul Jeffrey